Technical Details

WPC products are non-vulnerable to heat, cold, rainfall, salty or chlorinated water. They will not lose their appearance within years. Unlike natural wood, there is no need of additional treatment. Due to WPC being unaffected by any weather conditions, deformation or insects, there is no need to change planks which are rotten, warped or damaged by insects. Unlike the majority of wooden coating materials WPC is a non-toxic and non-flammable product. WPC decking is splinter-free and has non-slippery surface, making your house safer for kids and pets.

Usage areas

Pool side
Armwood® wpc; provides affordable solutions for architects, construction companies, professionals and consumers who want to create their own living space.

Are You An Architect?

Are you an architect and architect looking for durable and long-lasting wood veneer products for your customers' terrace, square, roof, facade and all kinds of landscape projects?


Are you a construction company?

Armwood® wpc; is a leading brand with proven reliability in all open areas for flooring, facade cladding, pergola, fence and railing designs.


Are you the end consumer?

It is now very easy to create stylish and comfortable natural living spaces with Armwood® wpc composite wood products that are easy to apply.